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Dubrovnik Republic Gin 0,5L



A gin that is included in the Gin Guide list of the best traditional gins in the world. Dubrovnik republic gin was produced in Zadar in 2017 after a two-year search for the appropriate recipe. . Đin is called Dubrovnik republic because it is the most recognizable term related to Dalmatia in the world.

The production of gin takes place under controlled conditions in a stainless steel cauldron by first macerating fresh herbs in wheat alcohol for 2 nights and 1 day, which ensures the careful extraction of essential oils. After that, distillation is done, which lasts up to 5 hours per boiler, controlling the separation of fractions in order to ensure the best aroma and quality. The style of gin production is London dry, since the distillation does not go below 70% alcohol. The gin is not filtered to preserve the essential oil content. After distillation, the gin is stabilized, after which it is diluted with water from the source to 47% alcohol strength and then bottled. Filling and labeling is done manually in small batches.

Gin is made from 4 basic ingredients and behind each ingredient there is a story;

1. PINE / SPRUCE is harvested on the slopes of Velebit and, along with Tuscany, the best for gin production due to the unique combination of sun, sea and cold nights.
2. BITTER ORANGE comes from the Elaphite Islands, where it adorned gardens and was used to prepare salty and sweet dishes. Orange peel is added to gin, giving it freshness.
3. MOTAR grows along the sea coast, and during the Republic of Dubrovnik it was an important source of vitamin C on long voyages.
4. SMILJE as a medicinal herb and perfume ingredient was sold in the oldest pharmacy in Europe opened in Dubrovnik in 1317 as a universal medicine
5. STONE SALT comes from Ston, the oldest salt pan in Europe, it used to be called white gold and a few grains are added to gin



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