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Ziaja hand creme cashmere proteins shea butter 100ml




Ziaja hand cream based on cashmere protein and shea butter intended to protect and strengthen the skin barrier. Effectively hydrates and restores elasticity and smoothness to the skin even after frequent hand washing. The cream is quickly absorbed into the skin, strengthens the nails and does not leave a greasy mark on the skin. For all skin types. The main ingredient, cashmere protein, is a transparent, amber-colored fluid obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of keratin. It perfectly smoothes the skin and creates a protective layer that maintains the natural balance of the hydrolipidic layer. Due to the high proportion of cinnamic acid in its composition, shea or shea butter acts as a natural blocker of harmful UV radiation. It also has antioxidant properties that neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals. Effectively rejuvenates and protects the epidermis.


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