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Ginger powder


Ginger powder – Spice

Ingredients: ginger

Net quantity: 28g

May contain: celery, mustard, sulfites, nuts, lactose, sesame, gluten, crustaceans, fish, molluscs, peanuts, soy.

Slightly spicy, ginger is prized for its fresh and warm notes at the same time. It is an essential spice in Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine. In powder form, it is stored for a long time and is very easy to use, for seasoning savory dishes or desserts such as orange cake.

Ginger has been used in cooking in China for 3000 years. Since then, it has conquered the whole world with its unique and strong taste, capable of enlivening any dish. Our ginger is carefully selected for its bright, citrus flavor and harmonious aromatic profile. It comes from the rhizome (root of the plant) which is peeled, washed, dried and turned into a pale yellow powder.

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