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Grill wasabi with sesame


Wasabi-flavored sesame seeds are part of the famous Japanese mix called “Furikake”: spices, spice mixes for sprinkling rice, noodles and meat…

The smell and taste of wasabi is extremely well balanced with the natural nutty notes of sesame seeds. Also during the tasting you will feel the subtle spiciness of the wasabi that rises to the nose with this particularly pleasant feeling. A little tingle on the tongue will serve well in many dishes.

Ingredients: Roasted SESAME 81%, flavor enhancers: sodium glutamic acid E621, sodium ribonucleotide E635, salt, sugar, wasabi aroma 2.2%, red pepper extract, acidifier: citric acid, coloring agent: chlorella powder in traces of starch (potato , corn, sweet) potatoes).

Origin: Japan
Weight: 40g

Information: Warning: contains a sachet of desiccant, do not consume.

Tips for use: During the aperitif, you can grill it as it is or integrate it into puff pastry with cheese. Wasabi-flavored sesame seeds will allow you to spice up any simple-tasting dish like a bowl of white rice, pasta or steamed vegetables. You can also use it in marinades, in fish breadcrumbs and sprinkle it on grilled meat. You will integrate it into all your maki, sushi or California rolls. Finally, it will obviously be welcome in your raw vegetable salads. No matter how you cook it, it will add flavor and crunch to your dish!

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