Yacht adventures shouldn’t start with stressful grocery runs. Discover stress-free sailing with expert provisioning services. We deliver fresh food, drinks, and essentials directly to your yacht, saving you precious pre-departure time. Explore our supply shop for a personalised provisioning experience and find the perfect partner for your next vacation.  

Imagine this: you’re anchored off a secluded island paradise. The turquoise water beckons, and the only thing missing is a delicious meal to complete the picture.    

But hold on – did you forget the essential ingredient for your signature dish?  

There is no way this little misstep will turn your dream getaway into a disaster.   

Especially when there’s a way to get all your provisions on time and from one reliable source.   

First things first, consider your family and friends (i.e. your crew) – how many are sailing with you? Are there any dietary restrictions or preferences to accommodate?   

You must ensure everyone onboard enjoys a tasty adventure.   

Is your voyage packed with action-filled days or lazy island hopping?     

Planning activities helps tailor your provisions. A day of adventures at sea might call for hearty breakfasts and protein-rich snacks. Leisurely beach days may demand lighter meals and refreshing beverages…   

Want to create a provisioning plan that keeps your galley stocked and your crew happy, but you might feel overwhelmed by the planning process?    

Explore our Premium Supply Croatia supply shop for inspiration.   

What is provisioning service best for?    

The answer to that question is simple – for stocking your yacht’s pantry.    

As your yacht gleams under the morning sun, the itinerary for the day is island hopping and turquoise waters…   

But you haven’t had time to run to the grocery store or make any provisioning plans? That’s no problem.    

At Premium Supply Croatia, we offer a smarter solution – yacht provisioning services that deliver directly to your vessel.   

Let’s face it: Provisioning for your yacht can be a time-consuming chore, especially if you plan for a longer stay and/or a larger amount of groceries.    

We take the hassle out of the equation, allowing you to focus on the real fun – planning adventures, perfecting your tan, and getting ready to unwind on the high seas.   

Here’s how our yacht provisioning services can transform your pre-departure routine:   

  • Effortless stocking: Browse our extensive online selection of food, beverages, and personal hygiene items from the comfort of your own home. There is no need to spend hours navigating supermarket aisles.   
  • Tailored to your taste: Whether you crave gourmet cheeses or your favourite snacks, we offer a wide range of products to perfectly suit your preferences.   
  • Direct delivery: Relax and let us handle the logistics. We’ll deliver your order directly to your yacht, ensuring everything you need is onboard before you cast off.   

Essential provisioning tips    

Need a game plan for building a well-stocked yacht pantry? We give you the essentials.    

Stock up on shelf-stable staples like pasta in various shapes, long-grain rice, a variety of canned goods (think beans, tomatoes, tuna), and a selection of dried fruits and nuts for healthy snacking.   

Yacht galleys are sometimes notoriously compact. Utilise airtight containers to maximise freshness while minimising your footprint.   

This will keep your supplies organised and prevent rogue crackers from taking over the space.   

To elevate your onboard meals, include a selection of cooking oils (olive oil is a must!), spices, and condiments.    

Remember, a well-stocked pantry is the key to whipping up culinary masterpieces, even in the most compact yacht kitchens.   

With yacht provisioning, you can forget supermarket sameness.   

Elevate your culinary prowess with the rich flavours of local farmers.    

We partner with regional suppliers to deliver the freshest seasonal produce directly to your vessel.    

Imagine indulging in plump cherries or crisp grapes – each bite a delicious taste of the Croatian Adriatic.   

Provisioning service makes your vacation and time spent onboard a yacht easier.

Benefits of using provisioning service for yacht charters   

Besides the obvious – it makes your vacation and time spent onboard a yacht easier – provisioning service has many advantages, and some of them are:    

  • It saves time: Yacht provisioning service allows you to skip the pre-departure rush of searching for grocery stores and navigating crowded aisles. Instead of wasting your precious vacation time shopping, you can finalise other travel details or simply relax. This is particularly advantageous in unfamiliar locales, where finding quality supplies might be challenging and time-consuming.   
  • Convenience: A provisioning service offers the convenience of delivering food, drinks, and essential supplies directly to your yacht. This service eliminates the need for multiple trips to the store, which can be especially cumbersome if stores are far from the marina or if you need to transport many items. With everything delivered, you can focus on your journey rather than logistics.  
  • Freshness: Provisioning services typically partner with local suppliers, which means the produce they deliver is often fresher and better. This also supports local farmers and ensures that the ingredients delivered to your yacht are of the highest quality, enhancing the overall dining experience.  
  • Variety and choice: Online provisioning service provides a vast array of products, from staple pantry items to delicacies, all available in one place. Extensive selection allows you to easily accommodate specific dietary requirements. You can even order items that might not be available in standard stores, adding a unique touch to your meals.  
  • Customisation: One of the main advantages of using provisioning services is the ability to customise your orders. You can make your provisioning list accordingly, whether you need to consider allergies, personal preferences, or special dietary needs.   
  •  Stress-free experience: Online ordering through provisioning services simplifies the entire process of stocking your yacht. Once your order is placed, the provisioning service takes care of the rest, delivering everything to your yacht at a predetermined time. So, in short – you can simply go online, choose what you need, and have it delivered to your yacht.     

Our expert advice: Contact us if you have any questions. Our provisioning service can offer guidance and recommendations to ensure you have everything you need for a successful vacation.   

If you found yourself missing your favourite cocktail ingredients - provisioning service saves!

Provisioning services – stay hydrated (but don’t forget the cocktails)   

When the sun goes below the horizon, painting the sky with fiery hues, you gather on deck with your crew, ready to toast another perfect day at sea.    

But somehow, by omission or forgetfulness, you found yourself missing your favourite cocktail ingredients!    

No worries, we have the essential tips for a yacht perfectly stocked with beverages:    

Staying hydrated is essential, especially in the hot sun.    

Stock up on a variety of water bottles, catering to different preferences—sparkling, still, or flavoured. Juices are also a good way to replenish vitamins and add flavour to your day.    

No yacht experience is complete without a perfectly crafted cocktail as the sun sets. Ensure your bar is well-equipped with your favourite spirits or wine and champagne.    

Provisioning service to deliver even those little luxuries that make a big difference. Don't forget your favourite snacks. And remember - the right condiments can elevate even the simplest dish.

Beyond the basics – elevate your yacht experience with special touches   

Sure, you’ve covered the essentials – pasta for those carb-packed meals or dry goods for culinary creativity in a pinch.    

But what about transforming your yacht into a haven of personalized indulgence?     

Did you really underestimate the power of a perfectly timed snack?   

Stock up on your favourite munchies, whether chips for movie nights or energy bars for adventurous excursions.   

Also, the right condiments can elevate even the simplest dish.    

Include a variety of must-haves, but don’t forget everyone’s favourite – a good bottle of ketchup (because sometimes, only a classic will do).   

While on vacation with family and friends, your yacht truly becomes an extension of your home.    

Order for provisioning service to deliver even those little luxuries that make a big difference – your favourite brand of coffee, a selection of gourmet cheeses (and don’t forget your favourite candy).   

How do you choose the right provisioning service? What should you look for?

Conclusion – bon voyage with a full pantry     

In the end, the question remains: How do you choose the right provisioning service? What should you look for?   

Let’s be honest. A vacation on a yacht should be pure relaxation, not a full-on stress experience that includes searching for shops, markets, and such.    

That’s where a trusted provisioning service comes in—you know, the one that keeps your galley stocked and your crew happy, happy, happy.    

But with so many options, how do you find “the one”?   

Here’s the secret to finding a provisioning partner: Choose a provisioning service you can trust. Look for a service with a stellar reputation and one that can deliver as soon as possible.   

Freshness and accuracy are key, of course! They should also have strong relationships with the very best suppliers to ensure your supplies are the very best, too.   

Stress-free sailing starts with smart provisioning.   

Picking the right provisioning partner makes all the difference.    

With Premium Supply Croatia on board (literally!), you can focus on the good stuff—beautiful views, delicious meals, and making new memories.   

We offer online ordering, allowing you to stock your yacht from anywhere, anytime. 

Let us handle the logistics while you focus on applying your sunscreen.  

Explore our website for a user-friendly experience and exceptional customer service.   

Now go forth, start the engines, unfurl the sails – and let the good times roll (or bob)!