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Salt with wasabi toasted sesame and red pepper


A mixture of salt, sesame with spices and pink berries.

This Christmas-colored yet year-round mix is a subtle combination of colorless Himalayan halite salt crystals, toasted sesame with wasabi and pink peppercorns. It adds a colorful touch, salt your dishes and adds a slightly spicy note thanks to wasabi sesame. This blend is exclusive to Le Comptoir Colonial.

Ingredients: Rock salt, toasted SESAME with wasabi flavor (roasted SESAME 81%, flavor enhancers: sodium glutamic acid E621, sodium ribonucleotide E635, salt, sugar, wasabi aroma 2.2%, red pepper extract, pickling agent: citric acid, coloring agent: chlorella powder, traces of starch (potato, corn, sweet potato), pink berries.

Weight: 72g

Tips for use: This unusual mixture will bring color and originality to your recipes. It goes very well in seafood salads, in fish dishes (cod, salmon and tuna). It can be used in salad dressings to create new flavors. Enhances your marinades for fish and white meat.

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