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Wild pepper Voantsy perifery


Voantsy Périfery is a wild pepper that grows on vines in the humid tropical forest areas of Madagascar. It is not very hot but very aromatic, it has notes of fresh earth, subtly woody,

Ingredients: Wild pepper.

Origin: Madagascar
Weight: 42g

Tips for use: This pepper is used in all dishes, even if the main purpose is to season meat dishes, mainly cooked red meat or carpaccio, but also white meat and poultry. It is perfect for adding character to sauces: to optimize its flavor, it must be left to infuse into the sauce to rehydrate. The seeds will become crunchy after infusing, creating an explosion of flavor in your mouth. If you don’t want grains in the sauce, put the pepper in a tea ball to boil.

In the northern part of Madea, voantsy is used to mask the special smells of certain meats such as rabbits, seafood and gives them a superior taste.

They give the best flavors in combination with coconut milk along with chicken and beef. It can also season and flavor seafood. It is ideal for adding flavor to your steamed vegetables.

In combination with foie gras, it will cause a real sensation.

For sweet and savory cuisine, it goes well with honey.

It will serve you in all sweet dishes related to chocolate and/or fruit.

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